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Tinted Tempered Glass blue

Tinted Tempered Glass blue
Product Detailed
Max. Size 2400*5200 Min. Size300*300 Thickness 4mm-19mm ProductivityDay: 1000 Flat polished edge,Bevel polished edge

1.Tempered glass

  Is made by heating flat glass to just below its softening temperature and suddenly chilling it with jets of cold air.It results the outer skins under powerful compressive stress and the interior with severe tensile stress.In consequence,the impact applied to the glass will be overcome by the compressional force on the surfaces t assure safety of use.


No tong marks on the glass as TG adopts the horizontally tempering process.5 times harder than ordinary annealed glass.Once breakage occurs,the glass disintegrates into small cubical fragments which are relatively harmless to human body.It withstands abrupt change of temperature..For example ,a piece of 5mm tolerate the temperature variations within the range of 200.

The laminated glass is one kind of safety glass made under high temperature by interlaying PVB membrane between glasses. It can be two sheets or more than two sheets.

Fine performance


The firm and tough bindings between PVB films and the glass makes laminated glass the safe glass with excellent performance. Vertically or sideling installed, it can resist the external impact and prevent penetration. Once broken, the broken pieces will still be stuck with the middle coatings so as to avoid human injury or property loss because of glass falling. Moreover, the whole glass still keeps its integrity and can continue to resist impact and provide a shelter from wind and rain.

Sound insulation

Laminated glass can effectively reduce the noise with the range of the whole sound wave frequency. The special laminated structure and PVB film of laminated glass can stop the sound wave, thus effectively preventing the expanding of the sound. It has excellent sound insulation effect and can effectively reduce the high and low frequency noises of cars, human voices and planes.

Performance of controlling sunshine and ultraviolet radiation

PVB coating has the performance of ultraviolet radiation filtration. The PVB middle coating can absorb at least 99.5 ultraviolet radiation. Special PVB coating can add the performance of controlling sunshine penetration to the laminated glass, thus preventing giddying and effectively block the ultraviolet radiation. And the indoor furniture, plastics, textile, carpet, arts, ancient cultural relics and commodities can avoid fading and aging because of the ultraviolet radiation emission.

Decoration effect

Elegant decoration effect can be achieved by putting dragon pattern paper or PET coatings printed with all kinds of designs in the laminated glass. The ice-cracked glass with special decoration effects is a particular kind of application of laminated glass.

Energy conservation

The building laminated glass made of PVB coating can effectively reduce the transmission of sunlight and the air conditioning energy consumption. Of the same thickness, the laminated glass made of PVB coating of dark low transmission ratio has stronger heat insulation performance.




2)EGDE:flat edge,round edge,various duck bill edge

3)Screen printing:can be complied to compliance,also normal ink available.

4)Impact resistance:comply to GB/T9963-1998

5)Fragment:comply to GB/T9963-1998

6)Packing:wooden crates with paper interlayered

High resistant to penetration,chemicals,sound,and heat

Comply to GB15763.2-2005


3.More Detail Description


Tempered Glass: Float glass that is heated and then cooled rapidly to make it several times stronger than annealed glass. Tempered glass is safer than annealed glass because when it is broken it falls into pebble-like pieces without sharp edges.

FeaturesWith high strength, good thermal stability and safety. No sharp edges on broken fragment.Performance Comparison Between Tempered Glass and Normal Glass

Test Item

6mmFloat Glass

6mmTempered Glass

Bending-resistance strength



Impact-resistance strength

227g steel ball dropped from 750mm high, glass is broken

1040g steel ball dropped from 1000mm high, glass is unbroken

Thermal stability

70 - 100broken

25O - 327unbroken

Broken chipa

Sharp edges, can cause damage

Pebble-like pieces without sharp edge, safe





Flat tempered glass :Thickness4-19mmMax Glass Size:5200X2440mmMin Glass Size:250X150mm

Flat tempered glass :Max Glass Size:5200X2440mm




GB/T9963-1998 Tempered GlassGB 17841-1999 Tempered Glass and Heat-strengthened Glass for Curtain Wall



Tempered glass is mainly used for glass curtain walls, up-scale shopfronts, shower rooms, escalator rails, windows and doors on balcony, glass partition and areas where glass may have great potential in causing human damages such as public stadium where people are crowded.

Clear Tempered Glass

With Holes;Polished Edge;Tempered

5 times harder than ordinary annealed glass

CCC;ISO Certification

Tinted Tempered Glass blue

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